Digitally Delivered Support for People with Chronic Pain Who are Tapering Opioid Medications with Guidance From Their Healthcare Provider

Study description / purpose

Some people with chronic pain find it beneficial to receive additional support when tapering opioid medications.

In this innovative study, researchers from The University of Sydney are testing whether digitally delivered support can help people to manage pain and withdrawal symptoms while reducing their opioid medications with the guidance from their healthcare provider. 

What is involved?

- Receive information about how to manage pain and withdrawal symptoms

- Complete monthly surveys for 3 months

You can read more about this study in the Participant Information Sheet.


This study is conducted online and over phone. You can take part from anywhere in Australia provided you have access to a phone network and the internet.

Am I eligible?

- 18 years or older

- Living with chronic pain

- Using opioids and planning to reduce your dose (or already reducing)

Please fill out a short survey here to find out

Chief investigator: Prof. Paul Glare

Institutions: The University of Sydney, Pain Management Research Institute. This research has been approved by the NSLHD HREC reference number 2022/ETH01795.

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Version number 1.2 date 28 / 09 / 2023